Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All dry!

As I was sitting in the office typing an email the other day I heard the dryer door shutting over and over again. All 3 boys were awake.... and I thought they were playing outside so I went to investigate. This is what I found:
As I walked up Quinton yelled, "Hi Mommy! I all dry!"
Of course it scared me that they were shutting each other in the dryer... so I supervised their play for a bit.... and had to grab the camera. They were pretending they were in a dark cave.... and they were being so brave to explore it all alone. Deagan loves to watch his brothers so he was really confused when they suddenly disappeared!
Then.... PEEK-A-BOO! Out crawls one of his brothers and he would laugh hysterically. It was at least a good hour of entertainment.
Until Deagan was so upset... and then I realized it was because he wanted in too!
Right, the third boy in the 3 ring circus.... he can't be left out! Once I put him in the dryer he was checking it out. He found the light and the vents and the door hinges, etc. I love how natural their curiosity is.... all 3 of them!
After a good "round" of dryer fun I gave a short warning speech about the dangers of playing in the dryer without adult supervision.... and they got it, but boy was it a fun afternoon while it lasted! Anyone else's kids ever done this?


Alicia said...

Yep! Makoa discovered it one evening, conveniently while my visiting teachers were over... and I was like, "Um... I better go check on them!"... yeah they were in the dryer! I about died. I figured out that he learned it from Lilo and Stitch (I like tracing things like that back when I can). When I "taught" them about it, I ran it for a sec (without them in it, of course) and then let him feel how hot it gets inside... He hasn't tried it since!