Thursday, September 30, 2010


The cutest boys in the tub.
Deagan LOVES the water. A little too much we think. Just look at that face!
I mean, watch this:

Did you catch that? Here's another one:

(I apologize for the awful censor job... I tried. I know my boys will hate me when they're older for that.)
Quinton also loves the bath still, as you can see from the clip above. Especially since his first season of swim lesson is over and he know enjoys the water instead of fearing it. Q loves to blow bubbles, splash, kick, and swim. Fun bath toys help too.
Seems like whenever I start to run the water Quinton comes running and Deagan comes scooting (his version of crawling). Corbin is now at the age where he is beginning to prefer showers over baths. Which is fine.... because 3 boys in a tub makes for a full tub! (And usually leaves a nice ring of dirt around it too.)Bath time is often one of the most fun and relaxing times of the day for these boys. Even if it does leave Deagan a little water-logged; but that's what you get when you're a little fish!


Christie said...

Sorry....I can't watch that again!! That scares the life out of should have seen me as I watched Deagan falling in the tub. I wanted to grab him! I always had a fear my kids would drown. Call me an overly protective grandma:)