Wednesday, October 6, 2010

mmmm... warm jammies!

Not sure about where you live, but here in Utah Fall nights are pretty chilly! The other day we got lucky and accidentally found a sale on warm winter jammies and slippers! My boys were so excited to find pajamas with their favorite characters on them.
Here's Lightning "McQuinton":
And SpiderMan (I think he kind of looks like the little boy on Polar Express in this picture):
The two of them were so happy to get into these new jammies the other night after their bath... and then have a photo shoot to show them off.
Deagan doesn't have a favorite character... he doesn't really tune into TV yet, but we did find his hand-me-down winter jammies from his brothers and he loves them. He is our little snuggle bug, by the way. Here is what it's like trying to get a picture of all kids:
Look at me:
Say "cheese":
"Keep your eyes open!":
Oh boy:
(Deagan does this every now and then... he puts his legs straight out and holds his breath, raises his eyebrows, shakes his hands, and then yells really loud! It cracks us up!)
Ok.... this as close as it gets. We have 2 smiles, and only 1 set of eyes closed. We'll take it. Their sure cute any way they come. Especially when they cuddle right up to you all warm in their new winter jammies!