Thursday, August 5, 2010

Corbin is 4!

August 5, 2010
My oldest son turns 4 today!
It seems to be a milestone of sorts.... nothing big really, but yet he's not a toddler anymore...
so this IS a big deal. My little man is growing up so fast and is now more of a real boy than a toddler. We always decorate the night before when the kids are asleep....and set out the presents and the annual silhouette picture.
Corbin was so happy to wake up and see that his birthday countdown chain was FINALLY at his big day! (Except the even bigger day is his pirate birthday party yet to come...) He skipped breakfast and got right to opening presents before dad left for work. A live butterfly treehouse. (I love his real grin in this picture...with those cute little cheeks.)
A remote control jeep! (This is his that's cool, but I can't show too much emotion face.)
A remote-controlled race track!
Corbin and Quinton spent ALL morning playing with that race track (after mom spent 45 min. assembling it.) Dad made the day and came home from work early to play with the boys. (I love Deagan in the background doing what he does best....getting into EVERYTHING! That cute little mess-maker.)
Just when we thought the day couldn't get any better 2 packages arrived in the mail. One from Grandma and Grandpa Larson and one from Mandy, Dusty, and Kimball Heal.
Of course, there were still preparations to be done for the pirate party...and Corbin was such a good helper to paint all those parrots.
Quinton can never be left out!
There was no twisting the arm to get Corbin to stuff his treasure bags... Look at all that booty!
We ended the big day with a birthday dinner at Panda Express....Corbin's choice!
As a 4-year old Corbin has really become such a balanced kid. He still loves books and stories and we read EVERYDAY. He is starting to sound out simple words and can thus read simple books. He can count to about 39 by himself and will count all the way to 100+ if you prompt him on the 10's (i.e.- 40, 50, 60, 70...etc.) Strange thing is he can count by 10's to 100 by himself. He has also learned to write his name, play pretend, use the mouse on the computer, play soccer (his 2nd season), ride his bike better (still with training wheels), and explore nature. He loves to go on bug hunts, help me in the garden, observe birds and animals, go to the park, go to the library, playgroup, primary, and preschool at Ms. Roper's. He's recently taken a liking to playing with their house. He likes to go to Michael Jones', Evelyn Jacobsen's, Sarah Simmons, Julian Anderson, and Chloe Bryant's house. Corbin also loves playing with ALL of his cousins (near and far.) He's not the biggest eater but prefers fruits, veggies, and breads over meat. (Totally opposite of Quinton.) His favorite treat right now is BYU creamery chocolate milk (like his dad) and In N' Out Burger's strawberry shake that his Grandpa Dick introduced him to. He loves to be the big brother and play and boss around Quinton and hold and sing to Deagan. He's got a fun personality, still cuddles with us, is such a smart kid, and we just know our home and life would not be the same without him. Sure love ya Corbin!