Saturday, August 7, 2010

Argh! Matey!

Corbin anticipated this PIRATE PARTY for weeks!
As a 4-year old this was his first friend party and he (and I) had a blast planning and preparing for the big day. Here is Captain Corbin with his treasure chest.... just before it was stolen and hidden for the party. (Thanks to cousin Kimball for the great costume!)
The captain with his ship!
Walking the plank...
...they were so good at it they walked it forward, backward, sideways, and with an eye patch on!
Parrots, ear rings, eye patches, sashes, bandannas... who says boys don't play "dress-ups"?
Taking the pirate oath...
Making oceans in a bottle, argh!
On a treasure hunt.... for clues and TREASURE matey!
At the "bermuda triangle" Ty gave orders: to basketball isle!
After several stops the pirates finally found the treasure chest....and the TREASURE!
That's a good looking crew of pirates!
When all the treasure was unearthed a ship sailed into view...
...and some of those pirates wanted to jump on board!
Turns out the ship tasted pretty good with a side of ice cream...
Corbin was pretty wiped out after the day's activities. He was one happy captain, tho his face didn't show it. It was certainly a day to remember. We sure love our big 4 year old!