Wednesday, August 4, 2010

true love

Have you ever been in love? I mean SMITTEN? Like all you can think about, talk about, play with, eat with, sleep with is the object of your affection?
Well, Mr. Quinton LOVES Lightning McQueen. Really. He does all those things. Except he affectionately calls him "meetming queen".
So, the other day when we were shopping for Corbin's birthday Quinton found this:
.... and could not leave his side.
That's what happens when you're in love!

What toys were you in love with as a child?


Pheobe said...

So... how did you get him out? Maddy loved Elmo when she was small. She use to call out to him for help when we tried to get her to do things (like get into her stroller).

Christie said...

I started to read your blog and thought you were talking about YOUR true love....(do I really want to hear more?)LOL! Love the stage Q's at right is so precious!!