Thursday, September 16, 2010

park picnics

Parks. Just the mention of that word at our home immediately excites our boys. Combining the park with food.... now that is the best idea EVER! We love picnics and we love parks. Especially parks with lots of playground space, plenty of grass, and big TALL shady trees.
Corbin is always wary of strangers or his little brothers trying to steal his cheese sticks though...
Aren't these the cutest faces?
PBJ-smudged 4 year old face.
Our happy 2 year old.
Our mischievous little 10-month old....upset that he can't open mom's water bottle.
Quinton has always been a little agile kid. He started crawling and walking, jumping and climbing before either of his brothers did. Here he is on the monkey bars.... a part that the other children (older than him) struggled with, but of course he had no apprehensions....
...until on the way down. Our own little monkey for sure!
D loves grass. He's also decided his preferred mode of mobility is scooting around on his rear end. He'll get on all fours and rock back and forth and army crawl to nearby objects he wants to pick up.... but when he really wants to go... he scoots!
After a nice picnic lunch I started cleaning up and throwing trash away. When I looked up to find my older boys they had disappeared from the playground. [heart drop!] After a 360* scan of the park I found them clear across the field by a large tree digging for bugs with sticks. I love their adventurous spirits and curious minds.
This particular park has the greatest double slides. My boys love to race/do everything together. They really are best brother friends.
As well as very competitive.
On your mark, get set, GO!

Corbin: "You didn't count mom!"
Darn! I'm beginning to think the serenity of the park will never be the same again with these boys! :)