Friday, July 23, 2010

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days

Spanish Fork is the place to celebrate the 24th of July... aka: Pioneer Day. I mean who wouldn't enjoy a little fair food, shopping, rodeo, and entertainment to commemorate the Pioneers? Grandma & Grandpa invited us to their town for the event and we had a yummy fair food picnic on the grass before the boys picked out some fun rides. The bell boats were a hit for them....
But not as much for us. Listen to those bells...
For some reason this noisy ride was longer than any of the others too.
Deagan liked all the sights and sounds of the Fiesta Days.
Quinton picked out a motorcycle ride, of course. Look at those wide handle bars! He loved it!
Corbin picked out the fun house "ride". He had to climb all over this structure and once he was at the top...
He slid down this long slide to the bottom. Just his style.
We enjoyed the fun night out and the boys now know the meaning of a FAIR in July in Utah: food and fun rides!