Saturday, July 24, 2010


We began our Pioneer Day celebration with a little culinary crafting in the kitchen. MMmmmm... Homemade strawberry jam! Corbin helped me whip up 2 batches of this freezer jam- some berries from our yard, some from Costco. Those pioneers would have been jealous of all my kitchen tools... and a freezer, but also glad that we didn't BUY jam, but used our own crops!
This year we BBQ'd with Jana and the Bath Family. Jeff's former, late step-father's posterity. We see them about once a year and it's always fun to catch up. The kids grow so much from year to year. Quinton and Brinley found their own size chairs to lounge, I mean play in, while they waited for the hot dogs to cook.
After dinner and conversation... and after it was dark. We broke out the fireworks. I think we were all mesmerized, especially Deagan.
There's just something about fire and explosions...
Corbin and Q stayed put for the first 15 minutes.
...then ran around with all the kids in an attempt to stay awake.
Until the firework finale. How do you miss that?

After the finale, we were all just about wiped out from all the food, fun, and fireworks.
It's so fun to visit with family and friends and feel like no time has passed at all. Thanks Jana and family for the fun Pioneer Day evening!