Thursday, July 29, 2010

sweet summer!

Here is a sampling of our daily adventures:
Corbin's form is much improved from last year.... OK, so his confidence in general has improved. He has figured out that if he takes his rash guard off he can go much further and faster!

Of course, when you're done playing in that COLD hose water, you gotta lay out to dry!
For the boys' summer birthdays they got a trampoline. Jeff actually set it up while we were in AZ for cousins camp {by the way, I finished that post below if you haven't seen it yet}, so that when we got home they had this GIANT SURPRISE in the backyard.

Needless to say they love the trampoline and so do mom and dad. Hours of healthy entertainment right there. Even Deagan likes it!
Our raspberry and strawberry bushes always provide a yummy afternoon snack on a warm day. [Not sure what this new pose is of Corbin's... must be a phase?]
So far we've made 2 batches of strawberry freezer jam! YUM!
Peas are a yummy addition to a chicken stir-fry.... or just to snack on.
Every Wednesday my boys enjoy attending Stake aerobics/Zumba with me because afterward they get to do kids yoga! Look at that strong Tree Pose.
The Warrior Pose is a favorite too.
What is a summer without a trip to the pool/waterpark? We are season pass holders again at 7 Peaks, and since it's just up the street we find ourselves there about 2-3 times a week! We've got some great color, met up with lots of friends, and Corbin has ventured out onto some of the bigger slides! Quinton is still content to hang out in the splash pool and the shallow part of the Tadpole Pond. I'm sure next year I'll have 2 slippery fish going down the slides.
Mmmm... breakfast for dinner is always fun, especially with smiley face chocolate chip pancakes. [I know, mother of the year, right? Hey, there are raspberry eyes and egg hair there too!]
Poser. I love Deagan in the background... that boy loves to eat. Just as much as his brothers did at that age.
Slip-n-slides, trampolines, water parks, fresh berries and summer veggies, yoga, and creative meals have kept our summer sweet so far. What sweetens your summer?


Christie said...

That Corbin is such a HAM! Kind of like his dad:) Love the pics!

stephanie said...

Very cute! Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy the great outdoors of Utah in the summer! Thanks for the update, the kids are getting so big.