Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vacation: San Diego Zoo & A Treasure Hunt

The San Diego Zoo is a world famous zoo and for good reason. It's huge! It's also considered a botanical garden, a zoo, and a research center. They have loads of traditional and exotic animals. Some of the gang...
We started out the day with a relaxing and informative ride on the safari bus that showed us 70% of the zoo in about 30 minutes. That way we were able to decide which animals to go back and see up close and personal. Quinton and Eizley kept each other entertained while we waited in line to board the double-decker bus.
The Elephant Odyssey had about 8 elephants in a brand new state-of-the art facility. It was pretty cool seeing those huge animals so close up.
The giraffe had 1 brand new baby (laying down) and a toddler (standing up). Remind you of anyone?
Corbin got a kick out of the muskrats (pumba from Lion King). This one was standing guard for his friends in muskrat fashion (and of course turned his head when I snapped the photo).
Quinton loved climbing around on the Lion.
The children's petting zoo was a hit.... good 'ole goats, they tolerate a lot of kids.
I think Quinton squealed in delight the entire time he was in the petting zoo.
Ut-oh! A run-away Safari truck! Watch out!
The Sky-Safari was definitely a hit. I thought it was much to short and could have spent the rest of the day viewing the zoo from up there....with the cool breeze on my face. Unfortunately we only rode it once, but it was fun while it lasted. Corbin and Grandma enjoyed it too. Too bad grandpa missed out and volunteered to stay with Quinton sleeping in the stroller. Thanks dad!

The Polar Plunge was neat. We actually saw it twice and the first time one polar bear was in the water playing with a ball.... Quinton could have cared less if there was a polar bear nearby-there was a ball in there! Too bad I didn't get a very good picture of it. The polar bear statues were just as much fun to climb on.
Along with the gorilla statues. There was an entire monkey trail that we walked complete with moving sidewalks and all. Corbin's favorite animal at the zoo was the monkeys.... ALL OF THEM.
Toward the end of the day a live band came out to play near the entrance/exit and gift shops. The kids got in on the action and joined the hula hoop contest. Watch Corbin and Alyssa go! Quinton enjoyed dancing to the music too. (Watch the girl in the dress in front of Corbin... she won the whole thing.)

What a cute little baby gorilla... where are his sun glasses though?

When we returned back to the hotel that night it was time for a cousin camp treasure hunt.... a traditional cousin camp activity, but this time the treasure was in a much neater place! The clues lead the kids on a chase up and down the beach, to the lifeguard station, by the rock bigger than grandpa...
... and finally to the "X" that marked the spot in the sand.
The digging began.... pirates were here for sure.
The treasure was brought back to the courtyard and candy necklaces, trinkets, figurines and a pocket set of scriptures was given to each child. Corbin and Quinton loved theirs and carried them around, showing them off.
Then their was a short impromptu show in courtyard by some pretty cute cousins. A talent show of sorts...?


Pheobe said...

So fun for your kids to have so many cousins! Mine only have 2 from my sister, and one from Cam's brother. I'm looking forward to the day when there are more -- though my kids will be the older kids at that point.