Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Vacation: Legoland

Thursday morning we headed north to Carlsbad for a day at Legoland. Kimball made out like a bandit with a whole new Lego warrior get-up... pretty cute! Having never been to Legoland I wasn't real sure what to expect, but Corbin loved it and Quinton even got in on some action.
First off, we met lots of Lego characters like Bob the Builder...
... and enjoyed a small river cruise where we saw many famous landmarks-- Lego-style...
You can't tell from the picture but Quinton loved this ball room where there were Nerf balls galore...
...complete with climbing walls and hydraulic guns to shoot the Nerf balls with! Corbin and Quinton could have spent all morning in there. I was quite surprised by Corbin's courage at Legoland. He was not apprehensive to ride on or join in on any activity. In fact there were many rides he was still too short for and he was so mad about missing out on the fun with his older cousins. Here he is on one of his first 36" or taller rides.... a huge slide that my dad went on with him. As you can see in the photo he didn't wait for anyone to tell him when to go. When he got to the bottom he proudly proclaimed, "I won!"
We stopped for a break in Enchanted Land for some snacks and drinks... my boys are so lucky to have such fun grandparents who enjoy spoiling them so much!
In the middle of the day we met up with the rest of our family for some fun at the giant splash pad in Pirate Land. Corbin and Kimball were too excited to wait for a bathroom to change into their swimsuits in, so they found the next best thing... a telephone booth. Ow-ow! That's my son.
But before running off for more fun he had to make an important phone call to Grandpa Royd and tell him about the airplane ride he had just gone on (because Grandpa Royd works on airplanes at Hill Air Force Base and Corbin knew he'd think that was cool.) I love little minds.
So... off to the splash pad and hours of water-soaking fun!
It was actually a nice overcast day... not too hot and almost too cold. The boys didn't mind one bit. They couldn't get enough.
Half-way through all the splashing Q woke up from his nap and at first was a little unsure about playing in cool water, and getting splashed by big toddler strangers. The face says it all.
But swings.... those are always fun, even if water is splashing you!The big hit was the pirate ship ride where YOU GET SOAKED. Riders inside the boat and spectators outside the boat are both equipped with... water gun blasters and parents and children alike had a great time on this ride.
In fact there was water in lots of places at Legoland and Corbin took full advantage of squirting anything and everything.
The Safari ride was a hit...
The mini-train ride was fun...
... and the helicopters went up pretty high (for a 2 year old)!
The log ride, boat rides, roller coaster, dino-digs, horse rides, APPLE FRIES, and fire truck shoot-out were all favorites throughout the day. After a fun-filled day we met up with the rest of the gang and headed literally across the street to my Aunt Kimberly's gorgeous summer beach house for a yummy dinner and a nice relaxing visit. The atmosphere of the beach in her backyard, the sound of the ocean, and full bellies was the perfect thing after a rowdy day at Legoland. Thanks Kim for a fun night!


Sovereign Family said...

I just noticed that Macy was in the pictures. :) It looks like you all had a fun time.

The Thomas' said...

How fun! We've debated visiting Lego Land for a couple of years now, but were never really sure what it was all about. We'll definitely have to make a point to go the next time we're in California! Thanks for the fun post!!