Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Vacation Part 2: Sea World

Awe, SeaWorld. I've always loved this place.... as a kid, as a honeymooner, an now as a pregnant mom of 2. Even though I had to sit out on the Atlantis ride, Shipwreck Rapids and the Wild Arctic.... I loved watching Corbin and Quinton's faces as they experienced it "all" with their cousins. Here are some of the cousins killing time during the Atlantis ride.... running, of course!
Peace Out!
Checking out the dolphins in training at Dolphin Cove. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the cute matching pirate outfits!
The Shamu Show.... yes, we sat in the SOAK ZONE! Only way to go on a hot day, besides you've got to get the full experience! (My mom brought ponchos for the moms and babies.)
Both my boys LOVED it. Even though Q missed his morning nap Shamu held his attention for the entire show and Corbin clapped and cheered.... even when we got wet!
Peeking his head out to say hello before he spit water at someone. Corbin says, "Mom, I wish I rode on a Shamu." Someday, buddy!
Next up, the dolphin show. Jesse and Brittney gave my lap a rest and held Corbin who couldn't take his eyes off the dolphins jumping out of the water.
It really is pretty amazing!
The shark exhibit is always a hit. Corbin told me he doesn't want to ever catch a shark, but they were pretty cool to look at.
All the grand kids (minus Q who was finally sleeping) with Grandma and Grandpa Larson. 5 boys and 3 girls.... 2 more grand kids on the way in 2009!
Corbin loved the penguin exhibit and pointed out how Quinton walks like one. It's true. He's got the 1-year old penguin waddle down! We pretty much had to pry Corbin away from this exhibit.
Then it was off to the Arctic. Nice and cool. My boys loved watching the Beluga whale swim...
"Baby beluga in the deep blue sea..."
.... and the Polar Bear sleep right underneath them.
The Walrus was an active one and came right up to the window to say hi.
Watch out.... scary things lurk in polar ice caves...
Some of our other favorite shows were the Clyde & Seymour show (SLL) and the Pets Rule show, as well as the 4D movie... Corbin loved it!
Sea World is definitely a hit for kids of all ages.


Christie said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all the places you went....How did you do it? Loved the pictures thanks for sharing you vacation with us.

Parcell's said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! It also looks like it was very hot! I hope the whales got you soaked to cool you down!