Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Vacation: Sun, Sand, & Surf

As you can guess after 3 days in a row without a nap Corbin crashed.... hard. Friday morning he slept in until almost 9am. That hasn't happened since he was a newborn! (If only his little brother had crashed just as hard...) Poor kid, family vacations are too much fun!
Lucky for all of us this was a low-key beach day. Quinton was excited to hit the beach. Pretty funny how much he loves getting lathered with lotion... even if it is greasy baby sun block. Here he is, ready for anything.
By the time we made it to the beach Corbin was so ready to play in the sand. He'd only been hearing about the beach and seeing it for almost a week and finally he got to play to his hearts content. It was another thumbs up! We enjoyed a nice beach fog for most of the morning too, that was a nice treat to help beat the heat.
Of course Corbin and Kimball wanted to be buried in the sand first thing (ensuring lots of sand to be lodged in all their crevices all day.) Oh well. It's part of the beach experience, I guess. Their two little heads sticking out of the sand was pretty cute.
But the funnest part of course is turning into a sand monster and breaking out of the sand slowly...
Then it was time to hit the surf in order to rinse away all the sand that inevitably sticks to your sun-screened skin. Uncle Dusty helped Corbin "catch a wave" or two.
Actually Corbin didn't want to get off the boogie board, or get out of the water at all.... and it was cold water! So Mandy and I hopped on with our boys and enjoyed a few waves.
Q enjoyed sun-bathing in the sand... as long as he had a shovel and a bucket of water to stir up, he was content!
Corbin sure turned into a water monkey. He loved the splash pad, the ocean, and the SHOWER. He and Kimball could only handle so much sand in their suits and sun on their faces before they were ready for a mid-day snooze. The hotel shower quickly became another Sea World show complete with all the splashing and cheering and animals... but, hey the sand all washed off!
Later that evening we took our traditional stroll on the sunset cliffs. High tide was coming in and that's the best time to go when you want some excitement because the waves splash up high onto the cliff rocks. It's also fun to find little crabs in the rocks. Uncle Dusty caught one for a close up look, and of course Quinton got in on that action.
We closed out the evening watching the sun-almost-set on the cliffs as Pelicans dove into the water for their dinner and seals swam not too far off the coast. THAT.... was my kind of day!