Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living Planet Aquarium

Who would have thought an ocean-themed aquarium would exist along the Wasatch front in Utah? Not I. But low and behold the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. The week we got back from the beach we were going through ocean withdrawals and we got an invite from our friends the States to go play with them.... so we did! It was great fun for all.
The Aquarium has three different regions: Discover Utah, Ocean Explorer, and Journey to South America. Corbin loved seeing all kinds of native Utah trout because he'd caught that kind of fish before!
The Ocean animals were fun to look at too because we'd just seen so many in their native home. This Giant Pacific Octopus was unbelievably huge!
Corbin was very brave in the touch tank were he really enjoyed petting sting rays!
The shark tank was very neat, complete with nurse sharks, groupers, leopard sharks...
... and moray eels.
The South American exhibits were very exotic, Corbin and Makoa loved the canoe ride to get there...
But watch out, there are creepy creatures in the jungle... like Anacondas, Piranhas, and this Dwarf Caiman.
There were also Snapping Turtles. (By the look on Corbin's face you can tell he was a little unsure about that animal.)
Quinton kept saying, "oooohhhhhh!" Like he knew it was scary!
Did I mention there were Piranhas? Crazy.
After seeing most of the animals the kids had a great time back in the touch tanks and in the coral playground. They steered ships and climbed all over.
Pretending to be fish hiding in coral caves.
It was a fun afternoon! Thanks Alicia (and boys) for the invite and the fun!
Corbin was completely worn out on the drive home.... that's when you know it was a good time.
We'll have to do it again when the Penguin exhibit debuts!


Mandy said...

I can't believe how much they have added to the aquarium! I had to visit an aquarium for one of my grad science classes, so we took Gordon and Muriel with us to the "Living Planet" while I was prego with Kimball! Corbin loves fish doesn't he!

Christie said...

I had no idea we had something like that in our area! I really need to get out and explore my world. Thanks for sharing.

The Thomas' said...

We love that place. Isn't it perfect for younger kids? It's just the right size - not too big so that they get bored - and it's right down the street from us, so another added bonus. Glad you guys had fun!