Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Peaks & A Campout

Last week I got brave. Brave enough to take my 2 toddler boys to a water park all by myself with my prego belly! I finally got the chance to use my 7 Peaks season pass (I know... why did I wait so long?) It was a little tricky at first because Corbin was a little unsure of the slides and kids splashing everywhere... so I had a child in each arm trying to keep them off my belly. But it only took about 30 minutes and he was completely warmed up to the fact that this was safe and he was okay. He loved the splash playground with the slides and waist deep water... so that's where we spent most of our time. I only got 1 picture at lunch time because my hands were too full of children and my eye was kept solely on them. So, here they are enjoying their snack/lunch at 7 peaks in the nice warm sun and grass.
If anyone is every in the area and wants to go to 7 Peaks with us... please call! We live just down the street and would love to go anytime!

Later that night Jeff came home from work all geared up to take Corbin camping... in the backyard! So, they set up camp.
The boys were great helpers to climb in and out of the tent and make sure it was sturdy enough... and cleared of rocks.
Quinton had no idea what was going on but climbing in and out of tents and on top of air mattresses and sleeping bags is lots of fun.
Our new neighbors down the street, who have 4 boys conveniently invited us over for a campfire/marshmallow roast in their backyard that night. So, after the tent was ready we went down the street for the fire and smores and a few fun and games....
When we got home Corbin and Jeff (and Yoda) got cozy in the tent and called it a night, and luckily it actually cools off at night here so they didn't roast themselves sleeping under the stars.
Daddy's are so fun!


Mandy said...

You are brave to go to 7 Peaks with all of them! I am glad it was finally warm enough to go! That backyard camping looks like fun! We may have to try that!

Elise said...

Wow, you are so brave. It sounds like they had a blast, though. If we lived close to you, we would definitely go there with you. Seven Peaks is so much fun in the summer!

Pheobe said...

I envy backyard camping weather!