Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More (RANDOM) Summer Fun

Hot summer days in my childhood always called for making forts indoors. The other day Corbin and Quinton helped me make a big ball fort in Corbin's room and they spent hours playing in it and Corbin even got to take his nap in it!
I love that these two are beginning to play together nicely... finally!
Every Thursday we have a ward playgroup at a local park. Memorial Park is literally around the corner from our house so Corbin rode his bike there.... such a great idea before nap time! He loves playing on the "guns" that daddy used to play on when he was a little boy.
Not sure why 25 cent rides are so fun but everywhere we go Corbin and Quinton climb all over these things. The other night as we strolled through the mall we let them both have at it. Their favorite was their cruise in the old classic convertible... complete with music that Quinton jammed out to the whole ride.
Another summer favorite of ours has been attending the weekly "Canopy Capers" at the Provo City Library. After checking out new books and movies inside the library, we lay out our picnic blanket and eat our lunch as we watch a half hour puppet show and story-telling on the lawn outside the library.
Corbin has taken a liking to Mr. Dallin who has taught him the art of telling jokes. Next time you see Corbin you'll have to ask him to tell you his 2 knock-knock jokes. This kid is enthralled with stories!
Quinton pretty much just liked sitting under the big canopy, eating, and watching the puppets.
Utah summers always bring the celebration of Pioneer Day on the 24th. In commemoration Corbin and I made zucchini bread from a GIANT zucchini a friend gave us from her garden. Corbin LOVED it. He licked the bowl and as he did he kept telling me, "Mom, this is SO GOOD! I want this for my birthday!"
If you know Corbin, you know he hates to get dirty and sticky, so this was momentous for him to just dig right in.
Later that evening we BBQ'd with Jeff's parents and uncle Colton and then headed to Spanish Fork to see if we could catch some fireworks after the rodeo. Jeff found front row parking... best seats in the city for the fireworks.... even if we did have to wait a while for them to start.
Both boys barely stayed awake to see the show and they both loved them.
.....aaaahhhh!"The look on Quinton's face says it all.... he was zoned.
We drove home in a rainstorm and watched nature's fireworks (lightning) all around us. Made me appreciate the Pioneers who braved so many harsh winters, storms, seasons, and circumstances.


Mandy said...

Wow! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! I wish we were there to go to the library with you! We may have to try to build a fort.

Pheobe said...

Holy moly. Looks like they get quite the crowd at the puppet show. Pioneer day is such a fun time in Utah. Double dose of fireworks for the kids, too!

Parcell's said...

Looks like you guys are having a great summer! Your boys are so cute! And yes that includes Jeff! hehehe Can't wait to see your newest male addition to the Moss family! If you would like a prenatal massage, I would love to get you more relaxed and ready for the new one!