Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Super-men

Since I'm the only girl in our family I always think to myself how I am surrounded by such great men (boys). The other day grandma sent us a package from AZ with SUPERMAN jammies and my 2 youngest boys quickly transformed into..."Super-men."
I think they're all pretty SUPER.Quinton especially thinks he's superman these days and is constantly trying to climb things he shouldn't (i.e.- toys, chairs then standing up on them, up beds, inside wagons then standing up, etc.). I'm pretty sure he'll have stitches before he's 2. Scares me to death. I'll post tomorrow about his 1 year old stats.... and a few other of his "super" feats. He's still walking everywhere and giggles as he goes!


Jeff said...

Q's belly looks weird in the picture of you holding him.

Parcell's said...

I love those jammies! They are the best! Cute video!

Alicia said...

How fun! Makoa love his super-hero jammas!

Anonymous said...

Look at Q go!! We saw you guys like 3 weeks ago and he wasn't even close to walking - now he's totally going at it. I love it!

What is it with boys and superhero stuff? We got Hayden Transformer underwear last night and the kid seriously flipped out. Screamed "I have Transformer underwear" right in the middle of Target.

I'm excited to see you guys tomorrow!!

Emmy said...

How cute! Boys definitely have to be superman at some point in their lives :)