Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1 Year

Quinton Royd Moss
As promised, Quinton's 1-year stats:
Weight: 21.5 lbs.
Height: 28.5 inches
Head: 18.5 inch circumference

An all around average kid... except that he thinks he's invincible and is constantly climbing!
Other developmental milestones include:
Weened from nursing, the bottle, and the Binky mostly on his own. Has 6 teeth. Off soft baby food and is willing to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Walks and climbs independently. Says dada, mama, baw (for ball) baw-baw (for bunny), maw (for more), mu-ah (when he wants to kiss you), na-na for banana, and no-no (complete with the finger shaking gesture)....and lots of screams and grunts for everything else. He can sign "please," "food," "all-done," "poop" and "milk" and gesture for "come here". Q can follow simple commands. He problem-solves well when it comes to physical feats. He knows and points to eyes, nose, and owies. Knows the sound for dog (woof) and can point at the dog, light, mom, dad, Corbin, and Yoda (dog) when asked.
FOOD! Enough said, he can't stop. BALLS! Quinton can point out balls that I don't even see such as the FireFox Icon on our MAC computer, little ball decals on clothing and shoes, on TV, etc. Just today he pointed to a tiny sticker ball on the thermometer at the Dr's. office. He absolutely loves ANIMALS... on TV, in person, stuffed ones, real ones, ALL of them. He screams and squeals in delight when he sees animals. He likes to SLEEP in his car seat and has recently re-learned to sleep through the night after moving to Utah. His new thing is to POINT and GASP at something new, such as paper coming out of the printer, random noises like a bird chirping or a train whistle. SHARING. KISSING, especially daddy before he leaves for work. Cuddling/biting on his BURP RAG (his version of a blanket). He loves CLIMBING on anything, and even though he falls a lot and has several goose-eggs, he won't stop. DANCING! I'll have to capture more on video, it's hilarious. Anytime he hears music he bends his knees and nods his head. It's awesome! WALKING. It's a new-found freedom and sometimes he giggles as he goes. He'll walk wherever we put him down and if he falls, he gets right back up in the middle of the floor. He's a strong kid! BOOKS. BATHS. WATER. Q loves OTHER KIDS. When we see other kids at restaurants, stores, the park, or church he loves to watch them.... his favorite of course is his older brother, CORBIN. I'll admit it... Quinton is a MOMMA's boy too. He loves me. Sometimes when I leave the room he screams. When his little brother shows up in October, my life will get even more interesting... and noisy!
Ear infections. Runny noses. Teething. Shots. When the food is gone (or we refuse to feed him). Falling down. The feel of the grass on his bare hands and feet. If we put him in the grass in shorts without shoes, he won't move because he hates the texture! Diaper changes.... he always crawls away. Having his finger/toe-nails clipped. Sitting down in a shopping cart... he loves to stand up, in the back or the front!
6:22am- Wake up, cuddle, play, eat breakfast, play, snack
10amish- nap (working toward eliminating this)
11:30ish- wake up, play
12:30ish- lunch, play
1:15ish- nap with Corbin
3:15ish- wake up, play, snack
5:45ish- dinner, play
7:45ish- bath, pj's, play
8:15pm- almond milk and bed
That's Quinton in a nutshell. We can't imagine our lives without him, can't believe how much he has learned in just 1 year... and can't fathom what he'll learn in another year. We love you Q!


Anonymous said...

I have had the privledge to personally view some of his feats....these last two months have been so fun to watch Corbin and Quinton grow and change. I am truly blessed!!!!