Sunday, June 14, 2009


Turning 1 brings with it a lot of firsts besides a birthday party, presents, and cake. Quinton also received his first package in the mail (from Grandma).... and loved climbing all over it.
Of course he loved the contents of the package as well... it was everything he needed, new socks, a few outfits, and gear for the beach. (He hides his emotions well, he really does like them mom.)
He was happy mom and dad got a package from grandma too so he could climb all over those as well.
On his ACTUAL birthday we took a ride up to Roy to visit Aunt Nichole and the Young cousins. Quinton got his first haircut! He didn't love it, but he did much better than Corbin did at his age. Good ole' cousins kept him entertained....
...oh, and the fishy crackers helped too.
So handsome... even if he is screaming.
There, that's better. Carson got the big 1 year old to smile.
For dinner on his REAL BIRTHday we took the boys to McDonald's (I know... parents of the year, but it was actually their first time eating inside a McDonald's.) They loved the play place not only because of the slides, but they had a basketball court there too! For dessert Quinton enjoyed his 1st ice cream cone! Actually, he INHALED it!
He couldn't get enough. Good thing they were $.25 cones or he would have had a brain freeze for sure.
Finally, a new car seat. No more baby carrier for us (for a few months). Quinton got Corbin's hand-me-down car seat. He absolutely LOVES facing forward and seeing the WORLD! On his first ride in it he kept gasping and pointing out the window at all the sights. So cute!
Of course handing his toddler seat down to his little brother entitled Corbin to a new booster seat.... he is officially 30 pounds now (and almost 3). He was SO EXCITED to wear a real seat belt and have his very own cup holder! The trick will be trying to balance out his independence (he can unbuckle it all by his-self) while also fostering his ability to be a BIG BOY so mommy doesn't have to do it anymore!
Aren't first so fun?


Pheobe said...

Fun! Britta had a not so fun first this weekend. First time throwing up! :( I like Quinton's firsts better!

Parcell's said...

Haircuts are always fun! Yikes! I always found suckers to be helpful even if I have to pull the occasional hair off. hehehe HE is so cute and I have to say he looks adorable! The new carseat is a fun thing, but just watch out cause Conner and ALlie were little stinkers and would constantly take it off while i was driving!

Mandy said...

We are actually thinking of giving Kimball his first hair cut...maybe. He hasn't been blessed with hair like your boys! Kimball is jealous of Corbin's booster seat!

Alicia said...