Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st birthday!

On Saturday we had a 1st birthday party for Quinton at Canyon View Park up in the Provo Canyon. It was a gorgeous day and the weather was perfect! We all got some sun as we played, ate, visited, and watched Quinton enjoy it all. I think 1st birthdays are so fun because of the novelty of it all. Thanks to everyone who attended and brought a yummy dish to share.... and to those who couldn't make it, we missed you!

Grandma Tee Tee enjoying the sun and her grand kids picnicking in the park.
Jeff, the BBQ man.
Our good friends, the Bryants, joined us and Quinton got to know Ella who is 2 days older than him. They shared some chips on the picnic blanket.... I think it was love at first sight.
Grandmother & Grandpa Bywater also joined us for the fun. Wouldn't be a party without them!
Uncle Cole and his boys strolling through the park. Ty came equipped and ready for anything! (Just like his dad.)
Tanzynn, McKenzie, and Corbin checking out the creepy crawlers along the banks of the Provo River.Quinton enjoyed crawling on his presents.
He got books and balls, trucks and a walker... he loved it all!
The twins: McKenzie and Carson, now 11 years old!
The traditional cut-up cake by mom: a blue Q balloon. (aka: a "baw")
Oh.... so yummy!
Can't get enough!
All that sugar worked up a thirst. He drank the WHOLE CUP!
After all the fun and all those new toys, Quinton was SOOooooo tired and just wanted to climb on his chair. Go figure, that's a 1-year old for ya!
The cousins playing around making a pyramid.


Mandy said...

It looks like you had a blast! The weather looked beautiful. Wish we could have been there!

Christensen's said...

Happy birthday baby "Q". We are so happy we were able to come and share your special day. I can't wait to share many more with you.

Sovereign Family said...

Hey Holly!! I don't know if you remember me, it's Danesa Elsberry, Julie's niece from her side. My sister was blog surfing the other day and found your blog and had to call me to check it out. You have a really cute family! I've been wondering what you have been up to, well now I know. :)

The Thomas' said...

I'm so bummed we missed Q's party! Looks like you had so much fun though - and way cute cake!!