Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Since the past 2 months have been filled with packing and moving, my boys have really missed out on a lot of fun playtime....and been stuck inside with their own, old, boring toys (poor kids, I know). So, since we are staying with Grandma and I don't have TONS of house-work and chores to do, we have taken advantage of our time together to just PLAY...

We go on daily walks to see the horses, play at the playground, and discover the neighborhood. We even take drives through Hobble Creek Canyon to find deer and admire the HUGE cabins and the rivers/streams. Corbin calls our drives "canyons".
Here is a small glimpse of some of the fun we've been up to lately (at least those times I remembered to take a picture):

Corbin really likes playing at Krew's house because Krew is there... and he has lots of books and "new" toys... and a trampoline and 4-wheeler... and aunt Haley who spoils him with Yogurt! This little red car has also been a hit for both Corbin and Quinton. One night after dinner the boys cruised around in the front yard...

We've also enjoyed testing out their bike trailer on a few bike rides with my new bike. Corbin and Krew love that thing...

On a silly note, Corbin and I found Ty's pirate hat and had a fun photo session. Corbin thought that was pretty neat because he just happen to have his pirate jammies on that night too!Aarh Matey!
We have also enjoyed a few backyard BBQ's on the deck complete with s'mores and tunes and all. Haley and Cole are pros at entertaining!

Of course, if you know anything about Jeff or his family you know they are AVID golfers. Jeff is keen on teaching Corbin at a young age. No doubt one Friday after work Jeff got home and fulfilled his promise to take Corbin golfing. Spanish Oaks is a beautiful little course at the mouth of the canyon and Corbin loved using his own clubs to practice putting and driving. He knows which clubs are for which strokes too.... know any other 2 year olds that can do that? Quinton is quickly picking up on all the golf tips as well.
Uncle Colton who was on the High School golf team got a good shot of Corbin's putting skills:

I have a feeling this might be a regular ritual with these 3 boys.

Spanish Fork is a windy community. Jeff took advantage of that and came home from work one day with a surprise for Corbin... his first Kite. They had to test it out in the backyard, but of course it was like the only day it wasn't quite windy enough to fly a kite. They got it up, but only for a bit.

The grass in Grandma's backyard was so long that day that Quinton wouldn't move from his spot as he watched his brother fly a kite.... don't think he's ever seen grass that tall!

Of course, we had to check out the Provo City Library (old BYU Academy, where my grandpa attended college... years ago). Corbin and Quinton LOVE books but we weren't able to check any out since we aren't officially Provo residents yet. That's okay because the Children's wing of the library is ENORMOUS and they loved playing in the story time pit, reading books on the couches, and of course pretending to type on the "real" computers, in chairs just their size.


Christensen's said...

I'm so happy you guys are here in Utah. We love having you over for BBQ's. We are even more excited that you will be just a couple blocks from us in a few weeks.

Chad and Amanda said...

Oh my gosh the pics are so cute of the boys. I miss you so much! I can't believe the pics of the bite mark and the bruise on the head I would have freaked as you know I would. I also can't believe how long Quinton's hair is. Take care

Mandy said...

Kimball is jealous of the pirate pj! He is into Captain Hook right now. He also is admiring Corbin's golf swing...but he giggles in delight when Corbin goes down the side walk and spins around!