Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

From the day we drove into town we have been very busy with so many family happenings!

The very first day we got here it was the twins' (Jeff's niece and nephew) 11th birthday, so we drove to Roy for a fun family gathering and cake and ice cream.... and Corbin loved catching up with his Utah-cousins, especially since they got a trampoline for their birthday.
I can't believe Carson and McKenzie are already 11. I remember when I first met them and they were barely 5 years old. Look how grown up they are now:
McKenzie (@ 10 years old)
Carson (@ 10 years old)

We have also spent some fun dinner nights at Haley's, enjoying the backyard, deck, trampoline, and roasting marshmallows. Corbin loves playing with Krew (they were originally supposed have a birthday a day apart until Krew came 5 weeks early). This is their new favorite game to play together: Ring Around the Rosies, with a round of applause at the end. (pause the music for this one... wish I had captured more of Corbin singing, he thinks he's a soprano.)

That same first week we were in town it was uncle Colton's 17th birthday (Jeff's youngest brother). Corbin thinks Utah is officially party land since we celebrated almost 4 birthdays in the first week we were here.
The following weekend was this little man's baby blessing, Boston Clark Heal.
Boston is the 4th son of Jared, Jeff's oldest cousin on his mom's side. Afterward, Uncle Tom hosted a fun family meal for about 80 people at his beautiful new home in Orem, right at the foot of Provo Canyon. It was a great Sunday filled with food, family, fun, and blessings.

Sometime in the 2nd week we were here Corbin discovered how fun it can be to pet and feed horses. Literally right across the street from where we are living (grandma tee-tee's house) there are 4 horses in a large field. Corbin and Quinton both love to see them as we are going and coming and on each walk we take. Even getting the mail is 10 times funner because the horses are always there to watch. During meal times Corbin likes to look out the kitchen window while sitting at the table and claim that he is eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the horses!
Then one day he got the idea to feed a carrot to the horses.... so,
...we walked across the street and did just that.

How fun is that?
After feeding them, Corbin stood and pet the horses and wished for more carrots to feed all 4 horses! Instead he settled for picking the weeds and grass to feed the hungry horsey. He named that one Shadow...
Quinton got in on the action too, of course.... and whenever he sees the horses now he tries to growl at them... pretty funny.
Unfortunately, last weekend we spent at a memorial service for Judy Young, Jeff's oldest sister's mother-in-law/neighbor who battled cancer for 13 years. She was an amazing lady. I only knew her 5 years but she will be missed by many.

The very next day was Mother's Day... and we enjoyed a brunch with LOTS of family up at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake. (sorry, bad photo... nobody was looking but Jason and I.)
Then, I got to try out my new gift... a bike! I haven't had a bike since Junior High, but I'm super excited to take family bike rides up the Canyon... once we live in Provo. Corbin asks about it almost every day. Yeah, my kids and husband spoiled me. That is a HOT beach cruiser bike that is in high demand right now... not sure how Jeff got it, but he did. We'll see how long I can ride with a growing prego belly.
Needless to say, the last 3 weeks have been BUSY, but that helps to keep me from getting home-sick. As I sit here and type this almost all my extended family is celebrating my grandpas' remarriage at a reception in Arizona.... sick children, pregnancy, and no husband were not a good combo for me to travel, so I chose not to go.
BUT...the weather here in Utah has been perfect... and I'm even getting tan because I can actually enjoy spending time in the sun rather than trying to escape it. This weekend I tended to sick children (including myself) while Jeff tested ALL DAY SATURDAY for the Highway Patrol. It was a loooong day for all of us and we're ready for a weekend from our weekend. Anyway, stay tuned.... there is more fun pictures to come.


Kate said...

I LOVE your new bike. I've been wanting one. You look super tan. Corbin's singing is so precious. We miss you like crazy. Glad you're keeping busy. It will make the time pass quickly. You'll be in your own house in no time!