Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bUmpS aNd BrUiSes

... THAT'S what little boys are made of, right?
After our fun at the golf course (previous post) Corbin was trying to run through the parking lot and tripped. He landed on his head...
A few days prior he had been playing soccer with one of my girlfriend's 2-year-old boys when a "that's mine" situation occurred and Corbin got bit... HARD. He cried, but he was tough. As I tried to explain to him why that boy did that (his ?) all I could come up with is that his mommy is trying to teach him and he just has a bad habit. So, as his bite mark slowly disappeared he proudly displayed it to anyone and everyone proclaiming, "That boy has a bad habit." No fear though, he still wants to play with his soccer friend.
Quinton fell the other day and hit his cheek/eye bone on the corner of the coffee table. He also has a nice black eye.... unpictured.
Funny how boys like to show off all their bumps and matter how tough they try to be though, this is how they really feel about it.


Alicia said...

(It was my kid that bit Corbin.) I am so embarrassed that that happened! His brother had a matching bite mark about a month ago... sad. I haven't had to use wasabi yet... so maybe he's getting better?

Emmy said...

Cute blog! Alicia told me about it as my son recently did something that made me want to cring and cry. Cute blog!
I swear, my two-year-old always seems to have bruises up and down her legs.

Jessica said...

I miss you!

Looking at your cute kids and those adorable photos in UT give me mixed emotions.
I'm happy for you, and a little jealous. I love the mountains in UT.
But, I wish you were here still.

Glad to hear you guys are adapting well. Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a girl! (of course I love boys, too, you know. I have 3).

Love you!

stephanie said...

Looks like child abuse to me!!!!!!!!! j/k-ing. If I didn't know better........and I do....... so your safe. lol