Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Pet?

Have you ever encountered a gopher before? I haven't, but there is a certain little gopher in Provo, Utah that has really caused a lot of trouble in the last few weeks.
Here's the story:
A few weeks ago when Jeff and I were still living in AZ diligently packing up our house to move, we were searching for a rental property somewhere in the Orem/Provo area. We got a call from Jeff's family that some of their work colleagues were looking for renters in their cute little 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Provo. They promptly visited the house and took a zillion (or 25) photos to email us for our approval. It was a great deal and Jeff and I were happy with the home and location. We committed, hoping to be able to move in by April 27th-- the day Jeff started his Utah job. Well, we got a phone all about 2 weeks before our move informing us of some good news and some bad news about our newly found home. The bad news? The owners tried to rid their backyard of a GOPHER via a smoke-bomb down the gopher hole. The smoke bomb unfortunately was a little too close to an underground PVC pipe which caught fire... sending plumes of smoke into the house through the pipes/crawl spaces/vents. The home-owner was called home from work to access the damage and decided it was too much and a complete indoor renovation was in order. (The good news.) Even though the house had been completely re-done just over a year ago.

Hence, the reason Jeff and I are living in Spanish Fork with our gracious parents for 5 whole weeks while our Provo rental home is completely renovated. The new dry-wall, floors, and paint will be nice once we move in, but Corbin is sure missing having his own room... while at the same time loving Grandma's big backyard and horses across the street.

Moral of the story: GOPHERS are not good pets, but don't use a smoke-bomb to evict them!


Christie said...

The temporary upset was okay with us. We get to make up for the time you were away. Grandparents have alot more patience with their grandkids than parents do. I'm sure by the time your home is ready...we'll all be ready for our own space...but it really has been fun while it's lasted.

Parcell's said...

Oh man! Stinking Gopher! Aren't parents great! Hope Utah is treating you kindly! It was fun seeing you guys on Sunday! Play date on Friday for sure!

Kristin, Scott, and Emily Mabb said...

Welcome to Utah!! They have those all over Cedar City too. I heard they are particularly bad at the Cedar Golf Course. Wouldn't that be a pain? How's the new place??

Bryce, Anna and Porter said...

thanks for your kind comments... i actually prefer to sleep when i'm really bored, but i got the idea from a friend who just recovered an old carseat for her son so I got brave and tried it, its a little pink for me but i'm sure i'll get used to it, and I can't believe how tiny she'll be I had to call a friend who has a newborn to make sure you ever use the lowest setting for the straps it just looks so small! you forget when you have a 30lb 2 year old climbing all over you that they are small when they arrive. the cake... well thanks it didn't turn out how I wanted but I wasnt going to walmart or the grocery store again just because I was out of food coloring (note koolaide makes frosting taste horrible! I would know) besides he's 2 he thought it was great and we knew he would be the only one eating it. he thought it was the best and thats all that matters. Miss you guys! really it feels like everyone is leaving these days!!