Friday, May 22, 2009

Log cabin, gardening, and bugs

While Corbin was home sick from Church on Sunday (ear and eye infection), Jeff happily showed him the finer things of life: Lincoln Logs, the very same set Jeff played with as a boy.
The two of them spent some quality time building a log cabin and a garage (of course). That takes a lot of patience... on both of parts! Corbin is going to want to ditch church every week now...
Later that day we spent some time at Haley and Cole's, where Cole taught Corbin and Krew how to water the tomato garden with the watering can. Two boys and a hose... what fun!
Corbin watched very carefully and attentively. Uncle Cole has quite the green thumb- for being such a tough guy! :)
Quinton cruised the deck... his favorite thing these days is standing up and trying to copy his brother. Ironically he's standing next to the cooler, another favorite past time is scrounging for food.
Another great discovery... roly-poly bugs! After getting the mail on Monday Corbin found this bug on the sidewalk and had to get acquainted.
They really roll up into a ball? That's a neat trick... and another favorite item for a boy to play with, a bug and a ball all in one package!

Finally, the highlight of the week so far: discovering our new backyard at our home in Provo, and picking (and EATING) fresh strawberries from the earth.

Can't wait to move in... only 2-3 more weeks!


The Thomas' said...

Hayden just discovered rolly bugs recently... it was so funny watching him play with them. He seriously thought it was the coolest thing - ever. Glad you guys are having fun up here so far! Hope to see you again soon.