Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Don't you just love Memorial Day Weekend? In my childhood it always meant a trip to the cabin up in the mountains of the Mogollan Rim in AZ.... a chance to escape to the cooler air of the great outdoors. It also meant the start of SUMMER! Well, this holiday was no different for us... just the scenery was different. We went camping with Haley, Cole, and Krew up near Strawberry Reservoir for some fun and fishing.

Of course beforehand, Corbin had to have a fishing listen to learn how to use his new fishing pole! He learned to cast quite well!

Cole picked out a beautiful spot for us near Co-op Creek... and Corbin enjoyed long walks, playing in the dirt, rocks, finding sticks, playing with the fire, etc.
Of course Q loved eating his first chocolate cookie by the fire.... mmmm!
Corbin roasted mallows to his hearts content, but of course wouldn't eat them. I enjoyed more than my share...

Saturday morning Cole found a great fishing spot (it's a secret, don't ask) and the boys FISHED in the sprinkling rain. Father-son bonding for sure.
The story is that Corbin caught the first fish... a rainbow trout, not a bad size! He was so excited to reel it in but wanted nothing to do with it once it was caught. Too funny!
Jeff also caught a good size craw-dad crab. Corbin was intrigued by that!

In the end Corbin and Cole caught 1 rainbow each and Jeff caught a rainbow and and a good sized (22.5") cut-throat trout. Not a bad hour or so of fishing!Proud fisherman!Mountain-man Cole gutting the fish! There were a TON of eggs in that cut-throat, should have kept them for more bait because the next day the fish wouldn't bite.
It was a fun weekend enjoying good food and fresh air... although we had some rough nights in the trailer (keeping everyone up all night I'm sure) and more rain than we wanted... and now both kids are sick again. Utah's weather is beautiful but our systems have not yet acclimated.


The Thomas' said...

Looks like you had so much fun! We'll have to go camping with you guys soon for sure. After our trip to Cabela's its all Hayden can talk about :)

And you're not alone - we're still not acclimated to the Utah weather. We've been sick here more than we ever were in Arizona. Hope the boys get better soon!!

Christensen's said...

We loved having you guys up there with us. Thanks so much for coming up and spending the weekend with us. I can't wait for our next weekend away.