Thursday, May 21, 2009

BBQ season!

Last Friday morning Jeff called me around 10am to inform me that his team at work had met a goal and earned a family BBQ at 12 noon! We promptly headed to the store to get our share of the potluck and headed for Lindon Harbor Park.... right on the shore of Utah Lake. It was a beautiful afternoon! Jeff brought Corbin's new kite and the wind on the shoreline was perfect for flying.

...and it really flew HIGH this time.

Jeff enjoyed relaxing with his boys in the middle of the empty parking lot, watching the kite dance in the wind. Quinton really had no idea what was going on and wouldn't look up into the sun to see, but he like sitting with daddy and Corbin anyway.

Quinton did love the food, of course! (This kid could eat all day if we let him.) There is nothing like cold, fresh, juicy watermelon all over your white shirt, I mean at a hot summer BBQ.

Jeff and I really enjoyed getting to spend half a Friday together while also getting to know his colleagues better and enjoying the sun, lake, grass, and food.
So glad barbecue season is here for a few more months!


Christie said...

I love the pic of Jeff and the boys flying the kite...PRECIOUS!