Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Big Move

Well, this is what my garage looked like about a week or 2 ago... a bunch of stacked boxes, both empty and full. It was a mess.
This was our HUGE moving truck that Jeff swore everything would fit in, with room to spare.
Apparently we didn't get rid of enough stuff at our free cycle and to Goodwill because by the end of packing this truck... we were having to give stuff to family and neighbors, sell stuff (our patio furniture... tear.), and leave stuff in our garage at the last minute.
Corbin was infatuated with the truck and thought it was his personal fun-house on wheels. Well, it literally was his house inside it... but not so fun to move it to UT in the rain and cold... He and Samantha had a blast running around in it while it was empty... which didn't last long.
Once that thing was all loaded up and our car was dollied-up to the back for towing (which was also packed floor to ceiling), we spent the night at Jessica's (Jeff's sister's) and had our last supper with my family at Outback. Saturday morning at 5am we hit the road with Jeff's dad who'd so graciously flown into town to help us drive the truck back. It was a LONG 12 hour drive through rain and snow. I've never had to stop that many times (9 total), but with 2 kids, a dog, and a prego bladder and appetite, it was a must. We pulled in to Spanish Fork, UT (Jeff's parents' house and our new home for 5 weeks) at about 6pm Utah-time and let the kids stretch and eat while we unloaded our Tahoe. Then we ate some yummy Chinese and hit the sack.

The next morning in the drizzly rain we drove the truck over to Springville to unload it in our HUGE (good thing) storage unit that we are supposed to be sharing with Jeff's sister Haley. (Sorry Haley... in a few weeks we'll give you more room.) Corbin loved watching his "house" literally get moved from the truck to the storage... he sat in that chair maybe 10 minutes before he couldn't stand the cold anymore and then he hung out in Haley's truck with his cousin Krew and Grandma Tee-Tee for the duration.
Awe... doesn't that picture of those cold mountains make you want to climb into your warm bed? Well, mine is in the storage unit for a few more weeks. Hopefully by the time we get it out the snow will all be GONE! :)
The rest of the day we spent visiting with family and traveling again to Roy for the twin cousins (Carson and McKenzie's) 11th birthday party. It was certainly a busy weekend, but we are glad to be on this side of it. Today, it was just warm enough to venture outside into our temporary backyard at Grandma's house. Corbin (and Yoda) are in love. They'll spend as much time out there as possible, I'm sure. I was just glad to SIT.... and sit in the sun.

Uncle Colton ditched school today because it's his 17th birthday and he felt entitled to that right. So, he and Corbin got in a game of basketball. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLTON! That house behind Corbin is the one we're living in right now. I'll admit, it's not a bad backyard and it's got a million dollar view! Things are looking up on here!


Christensen's said...

We are so glad to have you guys here. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it more homey for you.

Elise said...

If I stil lived in Utah, I would be way excited that you moved to the same state. . .but right now I feel bad for you. Moving is hard. I am sorry you had to leave some things behind that you love, and I'm sorry you don't have a place to move into right away. I'm sure the in-laws are wonderful, but I know it isn't the same. But it looks like you're getting used to it out in Utah, which is good! If you have any moving tips for me, let me know. . .

nichole said...

we are so excited to have you closer! We also sincerely offer our services... anything we can do?!?

And you maybe busy and it is last minute- but i am having craft night tonight... if you just want to hang out and meet people or come make something (anything) we would love to see you. email me if you can come and i will send you my address and phone number.

if not tonight, hope we see you soon!

Nelly said...

Glad you guys made it there safe and sound! We miss you already and we'll still set a place in your honor at the weekly BBQ (we're going to have to relocate to the pool- the park's getting too hot!) Hopefully we'll get to see you guys when you're down here visiting family! ;)

Strong Family said...

We're excited to have you guys living here! We'll have to get together and let the kids play. We're glad the whole moving process went smoothly for you. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

Mandy said...

I am so glad that part is done! Wish we could be there to help...especially in a month when you will officially move into your new house! Love You!

Natalie Sue said...

Oh Holly, I hate moving too! I also have moved 10 times since I was 18! I'm glad the worst part is over. And... I'm so excited that you are here! When you are settled and rested, we (you, me, Tiff) need to get together.
So you have a new place to move into? I think I read that you found some place. If you are looking to buy, they are building brand new town homes in South Jordan for 169,000.. I want to move there! We could be nieghbors!