Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break Fun

Although Spring Break around our house is really no different than any other week, we DID take advantage of the fact that our cousins were out of school and got to visit the Phoenix Childrens Museum with them. Corbin had a blast with his cousins and we wore them out real good. Luckily... it also happened to be St. Patrick's Day that day so we got in on some fun Patty's Day art projects. PCM is a fun place for the kids and the parents to have fun and visit in a creative atmosphere. Check out all the fun:

After a night of little sleep I was in no mood to do too much Wednesday morning.... BUT I got a call from the realtor around 10:30 that someone was coming to see the house between 12 and 1:30 so I HAD TO CLEAN THE HOUSE AND LEAVE! (I hate that.... lunch and nap time with 2 kids and a sleepy mom... not a good time to exit the house.) So, we picked up a salad and kids meal at Arby's (their chopped salads are amazing by the way) and headed to the park. It actually turned out perfect! The boys loved picnicing under a tree and playing on the slides. We really enjoyed each other, the 3 of us, and soaked up the relaxed time together.
Clap, clap, clap!

Blondie and blue-eyed

MMmmmmm... drinking from a straw!

Corbin's most favorite slide ever!

Quinton and I on the slide.... Corbin's amateur photography work...
not bad for a 2.5 year old BOY! (click to enlarge and you'll be able to see us)

A few days later Samantha came over for some more fun... swimming, sliding, and sprinklers! Despite the 1 little patch of sun in the lawn they still had a good time slippin' and slidin' in the backyard... catching some sun:


stephanie said...

Wish I could be there and enjoy the nice warm weather with you and the kids! It's been snowing here this morning we have about 4" already and still snowing. Yuk! Maybe Jeff will think twice about taking that job, ya think? It would be good to have you guys here close. Give the kids a hug from their Aunt TeeTee. Love Ya

The Thomas' said...

Looks like you guys are keeping busy and having so much fun! It's snowing here... again... so I'm totally jealous of the awesome weather you are having down there. Actually being able to have Hayden play outside is all I wish for :)

We're probably coming down in May or June... and I can't wait!

Christensen's said...

Say cheese mom and Q! I love the pictures and slide shows. I'm so jealous of the nice warm weather and your fun play time at the park. We miss you guys!!!

Mandy said...

We always miss out on all of the fun! I can't wait until our little guys get to play together again!