Friday, February 6, 2009

Solar Chef... training!
My wonderful mom (and dad) gifted my 2 sisters and I with the thing I wanted most for Christmas... a Solar Oven!
Not just ANY solar oven, the "SOS Sport Solar Oven".

Have you heard of this kind of technology?... it's ancient! (joke) People have cooked and baked using the sun for centuries... even before technology, gas, and fire! It's the original energy efficient form of preparing healthful food. This has been on my wish list for a few years mainly as an emergency preparedness precaution.... meaning I would get one to put in my years supply but didn't think I'd really use it much. BUT, then I attended a solar cooking class to learn more about this medium of cooking and I was SOLD! I tasted the food, learned the benefits, and saw how EASY it was and now I make 2-3 meals a week this way! In winter! The other day we enjoyed chicken stir fry:(that's frozen chunks of chicken breast with spices... I added in the veggies later and did the rice in a separate pot)
We have also had chocolate cake, shepherd's pie, camper's stew, and just last night we had tacos and corn... all from the solar oven. It's so simple, so flavorful, and the best part is you don't have to worry about it over-heating! Leave it in there as long as you want/need, it won't burn!

Here are some great facts about solar ovens:
  • low cost
  • energy efficient/green, uses FREE sun power (no heating the house all day and then re-cooling it, an average of $3 for every 1 degree to cool your house down)
  • low temperatures produce tender, nutritious meals
  • one-pot cooking
  • can cook almost everything! meat, breads, dessert, soups, veggies, rice, beans, pasta, etc.
  • no additional water is needed allowing natural vitamin and mineral retention
  • light weight
  • weather resistant (works anywhere as long as you can see your shadow, even in -40* F!)
  • portable (take camping, boating, to the beach, BBQs)
  • constructed from recycled products
  • FUN TO USE! (just add food and sunshine)
And there is my sales-pitch for Sport Solar Ovens. You really should check them out. They were originally developed by solar engineers to be used in sun rich, fuel poor areas of the world (i.e.- Madagascar, Afghanistan, Africa, etc.), but have caught on for the US consumer and now are more affordable than ever! I'm in love... and I actually am more excited than ever about cooking for my family, so I know they're grateful too. So, really, I'm no chef but this solar oven sure makes me feel like one!


Alicia said...

I am SOLD!!! Where do I get one!? (Really.)

KandMKeel said...

Well Guy's it seams like it has been a while. We have tried to call several times. Now its your turn Feel free to call too 801-358-5679 See ya

Pheobe said...

Wow! That looks like fun!

Natalie Sue said...

I was talking about you and your solar oven this past weekend..we all want to get one now!