Friday, February 6, 2009

A Child's Prayer

You know you're doing something right as parents when...
you're 2 year old tells you he said a prayer all alone (un-prompted and unassisted) at the park!
Here's the story:
Wednesday morning, I had arranged to meet some friends at the park for a fun play date and to take advantage of our gorgeous AZ winter weather. As I was headed out the door with the diaper bag over my shoulder, three books in my hand, the baby car seat (with my 20 pound baby in it) in my other hand and my cell phone pushed up to my ear listening to my messages-- -I managed to slam my middle finger in the door. OUCH! Air-head moment. Corbin was immediately concerned and Quinton stopped babbling to stare at me as I quickly set everything down in the garage to assess my finger. It was throbbing for sure and a huge blood blister was already forming... so I threw the kids and stuff in the car (that hurt) and ran back inside for an ice pack. I couldn't cancel my play date-- 2 year olds live for action like that (and so do their moms, sad but true.)

So, with picnic lunch and 2 children and hurt mommy in the car we finally made it to the park-- 15 minutes late, but we made it and it was a ZOO! I greeted my friends and watch Corbin run off to greet his (with his soccer ball in hand). Unfortunately one girlfriend, who was on call for work, got called in so she had to leave... but we were pleasantly surprised by an old girlfriend who has since moved out of state and was back in town for a visit. We enjoyed conversation, lunch, the warmth of the sun, and watching our toddlers try to interact and play with each other.

After about and hour or so it was just me and Amanda each with our 2 kids. We gave them the 10 minute warning and they ventured off into a HUGE empty retention basin (within plain sight) nearby. Corbin had brought his soccer ball you see and he and Lexi were actually playing with it-- the right way, kicking it back and forth and running across the basin... further and further away from us. Finally their curiosity got the best of them and they were beginning to climb the hill on the opposite side of the field. It was too far for comfort so Amanda and I began calling to them to come back. Well, Lexi listened to her mother like a good little girl. Corbin-- is a 2 year old boy (with the likes of Curious George) and refused to follow Lexi or listen to me. So, yes I resorted to the only thing that works - sure fire- - - threats. I started packing up and told him I was leaving... and I put everything in the car, climbed in and sat there, watching Corbin run across the field. Sad, I know. But-- then he stopped running and sat there in the middle of the field watching the car. I got out, walked to the edge of the field and told him to hurry. He asked me to pick up his ball, but I refused (trying to teach him a lesson) so he slowly kicked it up the hill to me. When he finally made it to me his face was bright red and he eagerly reached for my water bottle. I briefly lectured him about "listening and obeying" (a hot topic at our house right now) and we got in the car and drove off.

As we passed the field Corbin started to explain--
Corbin: "Right there mommy, (pointing), that is where I said a prayer."
Me: (shocked) "A prayer? Who said it? Lexi?"
Corbin: "No. Me."
Me: "Oh. What did you say in your prayer?"
Corbin: "Heav Father, please bless me to be strong like daddy. Bless me to get to the car. Bless mommy not to leave me. Name u Zhesus Christ, Amen. Like that mommy."
Me: (nearly in tears) "Oh, that is a great prayer Corbin. Did Heavenly Father answer you?"
Corbin: "Yeah. But I'm not big like daddy yet mommy."
Me: "Well, you keep praying like that and it won't be long, buddy. I'm proud of you."

That doesn't explain why he didn't listen, but it does explain why he stopped in the middle of the field on his way back to the car. He didn't feel strong enough to do it, so he had to ask for help from above. So, after a crumby morning of roller coastered emotions... I am once again humbled... and taught by my 2 1/2 year old... and I feel like I might just be getting through to him, at least on the most important things, right? That's what we call the faith of a child... or
Now, if only I could be more like him and ask for help from above when I don't exactly feel strong when I slam my finger in the door!


The Thomas' said...

Ok I'm sitting here totally crying at my desk at work while reading this. What a sweet little boy!

stephanie said...

Me too! I'm laughing and crying! What an adorable story. You should be writing a book on these experiences. A publisher would love to get their hands on genuine stuff like this. Kids can really open your eyes. Give him kisses from Aunt TeeTee

Alicia said...

That is really really precious. That would definitely top of an already emotional day (but with a GOOD emotion!!) He's a keeper!!!

Parcell's said...

That is really sweet, and yes I have to admit that I too had tears in my eyes! My how little children are constantly the teachers of such great life lessons!

Natalie Sue said...

That is so neat. I'm sitting here crying. What a beautiful boy! And a special story! See, you are an amazing mommy!

Chad and Amanda said...

I still can't believe he did that. He is so cute and we had such a fun time with you guys at the park.

Grandma TeeTee said...

I've been waiting to come home from the weekend trip we took to St George....everyone would call me and tell me, you've got to read what Holly wrote....I told them Jeff had told me what happened, but.... he didn't tell it like only a mother could. Corbin is so much like his daddy when he was a little boy. What can I say...just so special!

Jessica said...

You have done such a good job of teaching him.
That is a really wonderful story.
Thanks for sharing.

Pheobe said...

Yes. Definitely a good mom.