Wednesday, November 26, 2008


You know, sometimes life just has no "title" and it truly is random. That has been our life the past few weeks. As we gear up for the Holidays and all its festivities I have certainly been enjoying the sweetness and simplicity I've been blessed with in being a mommy. Especially this little face, that is quickly changing and is nearly 6 months old:

I find that I can't hold my little Q without snuggling and smelling and kissing and all-but-consuming him completely. There is just something about the smell and the sweetness of your baby that is so yummy! All my mommy-friends out there know exactly what I'm talking about right? MMmmmm! I love those cheeks and than grin...

...and those eyes.

Needless to say we have been spending a lot of time laying around looking at each other and cuddling, Quinton and I. He is almost sitting, tolerates more tummy time and is trying to push his knees up, tries grabbing anything and everything in my hands, and is sleeping much better. His tummy-troubles have gotten a little better, we hope he is beginning to grow out of it now that he is beginning solids.

Speaking of solid food, here is a clip from last night when Q tried SWEET POTATOES for the first time in his rice cereal. He couldn't get enough, but is still a little unsure how to "eat" rather than just suck.
[Not working....we'll try again later.]
In other "news," Corbin has been busy entertaining us with his "cheesy" 2-year old antics. He has developed quite the personality lately and he has his parents reacting on both ends of the emotional spectrum: raging mad or hysterically laughing....but that is a 2-year old's job right? Here he trying on a cornucopia for size at my mom's house. What's a cornucopia mommy?

We have also been trying our hand at tricks to get this child to eat "real" food for breakfast. He used to eat oatmeal or cereal, but lately he has only wanted vitamins and chocolate milk (or yogurt), nice combo eh? So, I got the creative bug one morning and whipped up some green, cinnamon and vanilla, Mickey Mouse pancakes. He refused to eat them with butter or syrup but likes to carry them around and eat them plain and cold. Oh well, at least he's eating.


Christensen's said...

I love those faces!!!