Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a difference...

...a haircut makes:

After months of trying to grow Corbin's hair out, we finally gave in to a haircut. We've discovered Corbin has our hair, thin and fine, and thus it was too long to look very cute. Jeff is the family stylist (for the boys) and cuts Corbin's and his own hair. It's amazing how much older kids look after haircuts.
...and a chore chart:

*You might want to pause the music at the bottom of the page so you can hear his soft voice.*

The chore chart was a hair brain idea I had several months ago, but just finally got around to doing it. Corbin has been so interested in helping me lately around the house that I finally gave in and let him do some chores of his own (i.e.- dust, vacuum, get dressed, read books, put shoes away, brush teeth, feed Yoda). It actually gives me more time because he knows the things he can and can't help me with and his 5-minute tasks usually turn into 20-30 minute jobs. He feels so important completing jobs all on his own and he can even put the stickers on all by himself now. Once he's put a hard work week in, he gets an ice cream cone on Saturday night. As you can see, he obviously enjoyed reaping his reward. We'll have this kid "trained" in no time! (wink, wink.) What a difference it has made in his "helpful" behavior.


Kay said...

That is genius! Will you take a picture of the chart and send it to me? Meghan is older than Corbin and I'm not even having her help, but a chart is amazing! You think of the best ideas, it must be the teacher in you! ☺

christie said...

His haircut really does change his looks. He looks like he could be 4 years old! Don't let him get too big before I see him in 14 more days. Loved the video, he is sooo into eating that cone, I love the "uh huh" answers.

Anonymous said...

He looks so much older now! I don't think Ryan will ever let Hayden have hair that short, so I'll live vicariously through your posts of Corbin :)