Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Several of you have contacted me about this, so here is the link where I got the recipe for this:

You'll notice an obvious difference between this cake and the one I made, so here is the story: The missionaries were coming for dinner and I started baking the cake only 1.5 hours before they arrived and I used ORGANIC peanut butter (a little more runny than "normal" peanut butter), so the icing was simply drizzled on. But, the one good thing about serving it shortly after making it.... it was still warm in the middle, and melted in our mouth. Yeah, I saw the Elders at church on Sunday and they wanted to know if I still had any cake left. I just laughed and asked, "Are you kidding? I'll call you when I make another one."


Jeff said...

As you all know I am not a big Organic person, but this cake was very scrumptious. I personally think it looks better and believe it taste better then the original. Great job honey.

Pheobe said...

YUM! Fun to see someone who enjoys cooking (and Organic foods) as much as I do!