Friday, October 10, 2008

TAG (Hollly's it)

My 8 obsessions:
1. My husband
2. My 2 boys
3. Learning about natural cures, healing, cooking, politics, etc.
4. Blogging
5. Home-made baked goods
6. Kissing my boys
7. Planning, organizing, cleaning
8. Shopping (just an obsession, not that I do it all the time)

8 words or phrases I use often:
1. Seriously?
2. I'm hungry
3. I don't know
5. What?
6. Sweet!
7. I feel like__________
8. Love you

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Go brunette
2. Hike Mt. Timpanogas
3. Travel with my family
4. Serve a mission with Jeff
5. Be a cutesy decorator like my mother-in-law
6. Stand in the temple with all my kids
7. Be a grandma
8. Be saintly enough to go to heaven

8 things I have learned from my past:
1. Visit your loved ones when you think you should, especially grandparents!
2. Boyfriends come and go. Husbands are forever.
3. Small acts of kindness go a long way and should be paid forward.
4. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
5. Babies don't last, love 'em and hug 'em and kiss their cheeks often!
6. Time cures all. Sometimes it takes longer than you wish.
7. Do what is right because it's right.... sometimes its hard and unpopular, but it's always the higher road that brings the higher blessings.
8. Keep an extra set of clothes in your diaper bag, babies have blowouts!

8 places I would love to go to or see:
1. Australia
2. San Francisco
3. A Brazilian Rainforest
4. Seattle (Renton), WA
5. British Columbia
6. Belize
7. An Alaskan cruise
8. An African Safari

8 things I currently want or need:
1. want - Green grass and blooming roses in the backyard
2. need - Jeans
3. want - To be done with school
4. need - an online teaching job
5. want - Laser hair removal
6. need - bigger pantry/storage space
7. need - to re-finance our mortgage
8. want - TV in bedroom

8 people I tag:
1. Alicia States
2. Jeff Moss
3. Haley Christensen
4. Mandy Heal
5. Jessica Steed
6. Christina Curtis
7. Becca Banda
8. Breanna Thomas