Friday, October 10, 2008



These BYU Mint Brownies are Jeff's absolute favorite. When we lived in Utah we would frequent the BYU Creamery on 9th and get a dozen or so of these along with their perfect compliment, BYU Creamery Chocolate Milk. So, the other day I got a BYU Alumni email with a link to this famous, favorite recipe... they actually let us have it! So, of course I had to try it out and much to Jeff's delight, they do taste just the same! (Now if we only had a BYU chocolate cow in the backyard.) I know many of you will be asking, so here is the recipe, just in time for the holidays... and an amazing BYU football season. Enjoy!


Mandy said...

Holly, try the chocolate milk from Costco, Dairygold Old Fashioned chocolate milk. It is as close to the creamery milk as you can get outside of Provo!