Monday, August 4, 2008

What a Weekend, Part 2: Quinton's Blessing Day

This little boy is already 8 weeks old! (by the way, when do you start counting months instead of weeks?) Anyway, here is a cute video of him telling us his life story-- or just talking to his Baby Einstein toys. He knew it was a special weekend for him and felt very happy about it.

Quinton's happy blessing day. The blanket was a gift from Mandy (my sister) all the way from Jerusalem! This is the same outfit Corbin was blessed in (minus the bow-tie because he's too big!)

Our little man

The whole family group who came to support us at the blessing. Thank you!

Our little family

Proud mommy!


Mandy said...

Thanks for posting the pics! Wish we could have been there! That first picture is so cute with his little smile! I can't believe how big he is getting!

Alicia States said...

Cute video! He's a big, little man too! Too bad you don't have pictures of the blow-out in Jeff's lap...!

krewton06 said...

I love the pictures!!! He looks so much like Corbin. I miss you guys!!!!

Christina said...

Too cute! I love blessing pictures, they literally look like Angels! :)

The Thomas' said...

I'm so sad we couldn't be there. You have such an adorable family and I can't believe how big Quinton is getting already.