Monday, August 4, 2008

What a weekend (Part 1)

Friday night I got to spend with the Young Women for our ward's version of Girl's Camp. We enjoyed games, food, swimming, art lessons, snacks, laughs, tie-dying, a devotional and more. I love serving in Young Womens--these girls keep me "young".

Saturday was a fun-filled birthday-day. Our first party was at the Bryant's for Chloe's 2nd birthday- care bear style. Tiffanie and I were suitemates (roommates) our freshmen year at Ricks/BYU-Idaho. Funny Story: We had our 1st kids 5 days apart and our 2nd kid 2 days apart... and ironically 2 of our other suitemates (4 of us total) had our 1st kids within 6 months of each other and our 2nd kids within 1 month of each other. Guess the cycle perpetuated beyond the 7 years since we've lived together. :)

Tiffanie made this amazing cake... serious hidden talent there, Tiff!

The inside was even rainbow colored- in complete care bear fashion... and it tasted delicous!

Here we are with all our kiddos lined up. Funny thing- she had 2 girls: Chloe and Ella, and I had 2 boys! How fun... we decided they'll have to double date when they are all at BYU together.

After Chloe's party we had just enough time to get home and take naps before we went to Luke's 1st birthday party. (Corbin's friend from church- whom we used to walk every morning with.) Corbin loved playing with all the kids and the second round of cake and ice cream, but mostly he loved riding on this 4-wheeler. We had a shorter stay at this party because Quinton decided to have a blowout right in his dad's lap!

After the long party day we ventured out into our backyard to try and save our lawn for Corbin's birthday party this week. He decided to be brave and run through the sprinklers...

I love this kid... doesn't he look so grown up?


Mandy said...

Wow! That is an amazing rainbow cake! Your lawn looks like ours!

Natalie Sue said...

Oh, I'm so jelous! I want to be there with you and Tiff. I didn't know you were THAT close down there? SO FUN!

Tiffanie said...

That's such a great post. I feel so special! We had so much fun with you guys and are excited for round two tomorrow night. :) Natalie-you just need to move to Phoenix. Actually, no, wait, I'll be in Utah in two weeks. Holly, you need to move to Utah.
Oh, and your picture of us and the kids is a lot better than the one I have, can you email it to me?????