Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Corbin turns 2!

Our little boy is officially 2! Here's how we celebrated the big day:

Corbin, the fire chief helped make his birthday cake...

and got to lick the beaters for breakfast! YUM!

Daddy took the day off work to spend with us... and made Corbin his favorite chicken sandwich for lunch. Of course we had to put his candle IN the sandwich and sing to him-- his request.

The birthday boy with mommy and the cool fire engine cake. (Mom's first attempt with Wilton cake decorating tools. I used the wrong die and it came out pinkish instead of red. Nobody cared but me, gotta love 2 year olds.)

As today was his real "birth"day, we chose to have a friends party and invited a few of Corbin's friends from the neighborhood and from Church. As the adults collected in the living room to chat, one kid decided to venture upstairs and was then followed by all the rest.

When I got up the stairs to Corbin's room I found 2 little monkeys jumping on the bed. (aka: Lexi and Corbin)

Next we rounded up all the kids and took them outside for some water fun. Here is Porter and Yoda (the dog) attacking Elmo's firehose sprinkler. Porter was fearless!

The others enjoyed sliding down into the tiny swimming pool and completely crashing into each other. Nobody got real hurt, so I guess it fun! All the water really helped to cool the temps for all of the parent-onlookers/lifeguards.

Our little fireman. He enjoyed spraying all his friends off with the Elmo firehose rather than water-sliding.

I love the look on Corbin's face here. He completely relished being sung Happy Birthday to and then...

... he dug right in and helped himself to some cake.

Thanks everyone for coming and for all the fun gifts! (We need to teach him how to give better hugs, I know... but at 2, its so cute to see them hug. Next birthday he'll probably completely refuse.)

After all the food, fun, water, games, cake, presents, and friends... he crashed. And as you can see from his debut in pull-ups, Corbin is a "big boy now!"
Happy Birthday Corbin, we love you!
(Stay tuned... round 2 of a family birthday party is coming this weekend.)


Bryce, Anna and Porter said...

Thanks for having us over to celebrate and thanks for posting that picture of Porter... when I got back with the camera he decided he was done with it (little stinker)!

The Thomas' said...

What a big boy! Happy Birthday Corbin. And Holly - that cake looks amazing... you're so talented :)

Mandy said...

Kimball giggled at the pictures of Corbin with the hose! I made them all "big" for him by clicking on them and he loved every second! We wish we could be there to celebrate. It looks like it was a blast!