Thursday, July 31, 2008

Smiles & Coo's

Quinton is already 7 weeks old and has really started to bloom his personality = sheer happiness. His vision is much better and he loves to focus on our faces and smile, coo, laugh, and squeal. He is such a handsome little guy.
Smirks like his daddy.
Sitting up like a big boy!
I love it when he smiles with his whole body like this... arms, dimples, curled toes and all!
He is also started to fill out nicely and has some rolls on his thighs along with 2 chins and nice, round kissable cheeks with a dimple on his right side.
About 2 or 3 times a day Quinton will be WIDE awake and willing to talk and coo at us. He absolutely loves his family, especially Corbin whose voice he recognizes as well. Below is a video of one of Quinton's conversations with us... although it seems they are never as cute as soon as they see the camera pointed in their direction. Sometimes I wish my eyes could just capture and record it all. Enjoy!


Natalie Sue said...

Oh he is SOOO adoarable! I love looking at your blog and seeing these posts cause we are not to far behind and it's fun to look forward.

Alicia States said...

I love it! Great personality pictures! I really wish we were closer! I love knowing your going through very smililar things that I am with babies and growing up toddlers! I can't believe Corbin told you to leave him room! Definitely mixed emotions on that one! Makoa is finally starting to talk (English, that is)... I'm sure he'll try to kick me out too in not too long! Keep posting I love seeing pictures of your handsome boys!