Thursday, July 31, 2008

60 years!

Congratulations to my grandparents, Papa Dick & Ione Scow who recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Their little love affair resulted in 4 children, 24+ grandchildren, and 30+ great-grandchildren with many more to come!
Although the years are beginning to take their toll, Ione & Papa's love for each other is still evident every day and they are such great examples to us all of a happy and healthy marriage. Papa is taking such good care of Ione, even though she is no longer at home. We love you Ione & Papa!
Quinton Riches (my 17 year old cousin) and my son, Quinton Moss.
Below is a video clip of some of the great-grandchildren celebrating a good time with Ione & Papa's player piano... those kids only wished they could play that good... but it was fun to pretend. We caught Corbin and Kimball movin' to the music.