Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Swim of the Season

Corbin had his first swim of the season last week in his new backyard pool. He LOVED it and asks to get in the pool ALL DAY, everyday now. Unfortunately he got his mom's fair skin so we try to keep him smothered in sunscreen or covered in shade. Here he is sporting his shades, rash guard, new suit, and new water shoes.
He's thinks he's a fish now and blows bubbles in the pool just like he does in the bathtub.
I'm sure he'll turn brown if we keep up this routine for the next 3 or 4 months.
As long as we break for snack time... he could be outside all day long just playing in the water!
After snacks I decided to let the sun warm him up a little and before he got back in the water he was proud to show me his muscles like daddy's. What a little stud. Sometimes I wish they'd never grow up.


Anonymous said...

Such an adorable little man - I just want to squeeze him! It was fun to have you guys stop by tonight - we need to do that way more often... especially since Hayden and Corbin can play together now. It was so fun watching him run around saying "Hayden drive! Hayden drive!"

Natalie Sue said...

Oh.. we are so jealous! Swimming? How fun. He is so so cute. I hope you are doing well too! Getting close!

The States said...

He's getting so big! And you're totally on the count down for your little one to arrive!!! We've got everything we need (I THINK)... except a NAME!! Cam is being difficult...

Jessica said...

I love that last picture with is arms up! So cute.
He's adorable, Asher loves to play with him.