Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Awe... Spring!

Warning: Those of you who don't currently reside in AZ, be ready. We realize it has still been snowing in places like Utah, Washington, and many places back East, but we had to share our appreciation for an early and pleasant AZ spring.Our rose bushes finally bloomed this season for the first time. We planted them over a year ago and they finally decided to manifest their inner beauty. I water them avidly to prevent shriveling and Corbin has become quite a good helper with the water.

We had about 40+ blooms on each bush and they aren't done yet!
My little "water boy" always has to help us when we go outside... he'll even pick up leaves one by one off the sidewalk and throw them into the lawn or rocks because he's helped daddy blow them off. We can't tell you how nice it is that he is SOOO helpful around the house... hope it will stay that way! :)
Our weekly bouquet of roses for our kitchen table... provided by nature. I love it!
Corbin's help doesn't stop at our house-- he "helped" Grandma and Grandpa plant sunflowers in their backyard too. It's quite obvious which seeds he planted by the random sprouts that are beginning to come up apart from the rest.
Of course not only do the plants and flowers need watering at Grandma's house too, but the pool needs more water as well and Corbin is all over that!