Saturday, April 12, 2008


Jeff & I decided to include Corbin in on our Friday "date night" this week and took him bowling.... a little unsure if he'd "get" it or just run after it, or be uninterested.
He LOVED it! We only bowled one game and he had a blast. He completely understood the concept of rolling the ball to knock over the pins. He never once tried to run after the ball and rather enjoyed just watching it roll.....and then CRASH into the pins!
He eagerly cheered for himself and even caught on to the concept of cheering for mommy and daddy.
Here's Jeff giving Corbin a couple pointers on how to roll the ball without the child ramp.
This is Corbin pointing out the green ball as "Coobin's", the pink ball was mommy's and the blue one was dad's. He also caught on to the concept of taking turns and got so excited when Jeff was done because it meant it was his turn AGAIN!
The simple pleasures of childhood.... Jeff and I love re-living it all again through Corbin. Look at that smile... so cute!
And... since this was a GAME, here is the score card. D (Dolly) for Holly- check out that near turkey in frame 10, so close. S (SFP) for Jeff- almost got beat by his pregnant wife. C (C-Dog) for Corbin- not bad for a rookie! He's a natural. If you ever feel like bowling, give us a call. Corbin is STILL talking about it! :)


Natalie Sue said...

How fun! Maybe Corbin will grow up to be a pro. What a fun little family activity. It's amazing at how well he understood it!

Kate said...

So fun! You guys are great bowlers. I was going to suggest that we all go bowling sometime... but that might be too embarrassing for us. :) Corbin is too cute.

Parcell's said...

That is so cute! I love that with one kid you actually can include them in date night! Just wait until number two is here and you have to take the entire house any time you leave! Date night either doesn't happen, or you go alone! If you all go it becomes family night! One word of advice for those family nights. Prepare! If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear!!!! heheheheh lol

Heather Telford said...

We really like bowling!! When we come visit if we ever get a chance well all have to go!! 7 weeks!!! Are you SO excited!!!

Jessica said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like you had a blast. We have a coupon for bowling, and I've been wondering if we should take the boys or leave them.
You've convinced me!

bryce said...

That is pretty cool. I didn't know they had those child ramps. Maybe I can get Anna to go bowling if I tell her she can use that.

Dave and Julie Neal said...

Funny that you mention the shirt...that is Dave's! haha... Bowling is a blast! And may I say, I beat Dave almost everytime when we bowl! :)

Christina said...

What fun! I really need to take Carter bowling, I think he would love it It seem to me that Corbin has got mad skills, must get that from your side of the family.