Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Miracles Happen....

For our Elder Larson!
Many of you may or may not be aware that my little brother, Jesse has been enduring the trial of his life (thus far) for the past 10 months. He was called to serve as a full-time missionary in the Jackson, Mississippi Mission beginning in September 2006 and he did so for a period of 10 months until ... his world crashed down on his knee. He endured a brutal knee injury in May '07 and was unable to use it for 2 months, enduring agonizing pain. None of the Doctors in the area were able to help him so he returned home in July '07 to figure out the problem. For the past 8 months Jesse has had his life literally "on hold" as he's tried to figure out what was wrong with his knee. He went through several knee doctors, specialists, exploratory surgery, homeopathics, naturalists, physical therapists, chiropractors, medications, remedies, acupuncture, etc., etc but none of them had the ENTIRE answer; nor could they eradicate the pain for a prolonged period. There was a time he considered that this pain might be chronic and he would never return to the mission and this would be his fate to deal with for the rest of his life.
Finally, he got a referral to Dr. Carter (Amare Stoudemire's- Phx Suns player's knee Dr.) and he immediately knew the cause and source of all the pain and the root of his problem. Jesse's knee cap was completely crooked and grinding on itself and because of all the trauma and lack of use, it had atrophied so badly that it would not hold itself together. (Something you think his 1st Dr. would have seen in an exploratory surgery...) So, he was prescribed a special knee brace and a few weeks more of physical therapy and... miraculously the pain IS GONE!
He turned all his paperwork in again to Salt Lake and the missionary department and within a few weeks he got the phone call (Monday, March 3rd) and travel itinerary that he was to be on a plane back to MS on Tuesday, March 11th. Not everyone has to say goodbye to their missionary twice. It was what we have all been fasting and praying for and in an instant, it seems, it all happened. Good thing it was quick though, it's like ripping off a band-aid-- it only stings for a little while and then it's fine.
We are so proud of him because not many missionaries (only 10%) who come home (especially for that long) actually return to the mission. We know this is where he really wants to be.. and where the Lord wants him and needs him. He has taught us all a great lesson on endurance and patience with the Lord's timetable. He was home long enough to get to know these 2 nephews (Corbin and Kimball) and to see his niece get baptized and his brother get sealed in the temple! Unfortunately he'll barely miss another 2 nephew's births... but this time he'll only be gone 14 months, so the count down is on! Hoorah for Israel... and here's to more letter writing and cookie-packaging! :)


Tiffanie said...

That's so awesome. What a blessing.
I just noticed you tagged me. I need to figure out what to do.

The States said...

Holly, that is pretty amazing and wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!