Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home Alone

What is a girl to do home alone all weekend? Yep, it's true. Jeff decided early Friday morning to visit a family member in Utah who is unfortunately and fortunately nearing the end of his battle with cancer. I was unable to make such a rash decision to go along with him because I had already been registered weeks in advance for an AZ Constitution weekend class in order to re-certify my teaching license and so Jeff decided he'd take advantage of the opportunity.... and took Corbin with him since he still qualifies as a "free lap child" for 6 more months. So I dropped them off at the airport Friday afternoon and unfortunately had class all Friday night and all day today... but you better believe as soon as I was out of class this afternoon, I went SHOPPING! There are a few "Easter errands" I needed to run and I had the perfect chance since I had nobody in tow (except my prego belly) and no one waiting at home for me. Ladies, isn't that what most of you would choose to do with your "free" Saturday evening? So, other than a lot of homework, class, and shopping, I will also enjoy an entire 3-hours of quiet, concentration at Church tomorrow and a Sunday afternoon of napping, baking, and reading the Ensign before my boys return home just in time for dinner. I'll admit I've missed both of them and made several phone calls and web-cam visits over the last day and half, but at the same time.... I've missed silence, so I'm enjoying it for the next 18 hours or so! :)


Kate said...

I wondered why you were by yourself today. Glad you got some quiet time. We all need it every now and then. Also, I loved the story of your brother. Really inspirational!

Natalie Sue said...

I would have done exactly the same.. especially the shopping part!