Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Game of Tag...

... and I am "it"! This is like a month overdue, but here goes... (thanks Natalie):
Attached or single?... Attached, I'm happily married and love it!
Best friend? ... Jeffrey Scott Moss.
ake or pie? ... Definitely cake.
ay of choice? ... Saturdays because we're all home together and usually get a lot done and then have time to "play" afterwards!
ssential item?... This computer, besides the fact that I'm a grad student and currently have an online class, the computer has also become my social lifeline (blogger and email) and choice of some great discoveries (recipes, patterns, book lists, news, etc.)
avorite color? ... Usually I say blue but I never really use it. The color I use most would be brown, black, or white but how boring are those?
ummy bears or worms? ... Yeah, probably bears but I'm definitely a Swedish Fish person with Natalie.
ome town? ... Mesa, AZ .... where I am now ... and will be at least 2 of my children's hometown's as well! :)
favorite Indulgence? ... Ice cream (or any other form of dessert for that matter)
anuary or July? ... are you kidding? I live in AZ so of course I would say January! Also, January is New Year's, my anniversary, my birthday and Jeff's birthday month... it's the month of perpetual celebrations!
ids? ... 1 boy with 1 boy on the way!
ife isn't complete without... experiencing parenthood, it's sweet!
arriage date? ... January 3, 2004
umber of brothers and sisters? ... 2 sisters, 2 brothers (and I'll claim 6 brothers and 4 sisters in-law too!)
ranges or apples? ... Depends on the season. Around Christmas I love oranges but Jeff usually has to peel them for me because I don't like that part. But when I am pregnant I crave apples and peanut butter, yum!
hobia and fears? ... Open blinds/windows when I'm alone at home at night, strange noises in my yard, and losing a child.
uote? ... "Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction." - Anonymous
eason to smile?... when I hear Corbin say his ABC's with his daddy or listen to him giggle when they wrestle.
eason of choice? ... Spring, because it' here (in AZ) and I love the fresh new feeling of life, flowers, animals, Easter, and a lot of year left to accomplish a lot.
ag 3 people... Alicia, Tiffanie, and Bre
nknown fact about me... I eat ALL THE TIME! (and it's not always healthy stuff)
egetable? ... zucchini, raw or cooked
orst habit? ... I constantly bite my lip or the inside of my lip... no clue why and when I catch myself doing it I try to self-talk myself into stopping.
-ray or ultrasound? ... ultrasounds are so fun for pregnant women. There's something about taking a peek at that new life inside of you and realizing how amazing it all is. (Besides, ultrasounds are much safer than x-rays, unless it's an emergency.)
our favorite food? ... Such a hard question for me. Today I will go with chicken enchiladas.... NO- Hawaiian haystacks, Ok- lettuce wraps. (see, that's hard!)
odiac sign? ... Aquarius!