Monday, February 25, 2008

Kauai Vacation: Day V

After Jeff's snorkel with the 2 sea turtles on Friday it dawned on him that they didn't use the underwater video camera to get live footage so he really wanted to go out again with the video camera. So, Saturday morning Jeff, Cameron, Malu, and I drove down to Kuhio Shores again on the south side and the boys went out in search of more sea turtles. This time they only saw 1 male but they got some great footage of it... if you want to see it, let us know. Anyway, I really contemplated going out with them this time, but gave in to just relaxing on the beach to finish my Nicholas Sparks book. While I was sitting there I would occasionally glance up to see 3 heads bobbing in the water... but once I suddenly saw an entire WHALE leap out of the water and then land with a huge splash back in the ocean. I kept watching and to my surprise saw 7 more whales completely leap out of the water and splash and fluke and spout. It was incredible. They were about 200-300 yards off shore from where I sat and of course I didn't have the camera ready in time to capture it, nor was there anyone else around to witness it but it was amazing!
After the successful snorkel we caught a bite to eat and watch half of Ty's soccer game before driving up to the north shore (Hanalei again) for Jeff's private surf lesson. (Anywhere you drive in Hawaii is gorgeous but on the Garden Island it's especially beautiful because of these tree tunnels you drive through.) Unfortunately, it started to rain a little and Jeff was wiped out from the previous swim, so the surfing didn't last long, but it was fun to watch. He got the gist and had a few good rides. While we were sitting there a girl walked up with her friends and I noticed she only had 1 arm... Bethany Hamilton the young surf pro who lost her arm to a shark attack right there on Kauai a few years ago (albeit on a different beach a few minutes away). So, we got to watch her swim and surf with her friends... the local celebrity! Anyway, that night we stopped by Coconut marketplace again for some amazing Lappert's ice cream... and then drove back down to Lihue to watch the movie Jumper at the little theatre in town. It was an ok movie... definitely left open for a sequel. All in all it was another packed day.


The Bryants said...

I love all of your pictures. It sounds like you had an amazing trip. I cracked up when I saw the pics. of the chickens. I remember,they are everywhere there! How cool that Jeff found some sea turtles!!!

The Albright's said...

The trip looks like a blast. It makes me want to go to hawaii right now. It's so beautiful. It's good that you guys got to take a trip before the next baby! How fun!

The States said...

We're loving all the pictures! That is a fun way to "relive" it! Do you think you could email the pictures of Cam and Makoa on the beach (and any other ones you think we might like)... We have to do it again sometime!!!