Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Prophet

President Gordon B. Hinckley, as you already know, passed away last night in his apartment surrounded by family from complications due to age. Having "known" him as the prophet of the Church for over half my lifetime I thought I would add my tribute to him and his earthly mission. His witty sense of humor, his passion, his testimony, his concise words of wisdom, his vision, and his unfeigned love for all people will always perpetuate my memory when I think of him. I was privileged to shake his hand and sit at his feet when he spoke at my first graduation from college (my Associate Degree from BYU-Idaho). No matter where or when I heard him speak, he exuberated happiness, knowledge, peace, humor and love in his words and his actions. I admired him for so many reasons and loved reading about his life, his travels, his teachings, and his testimony. Although I am saddened that he is gone from this earthly existence and I no longer get to learn from him personally, I realize this is the order of things and the newly appointed prophet will rise in his absence to lead the Church forward. I am at peace knowing that last night President Hinckley reunited with his beloved wife, Marjorie, whom he deeply missed, among others. His passing has left me in a state of appreciation, admiration, and contemplation about the state of my life, the peace I find in the plan of salvation, and excitement as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues onward! We mourn the passing of our prophet, but realize the mantle and priesthood keys will pass on and we will once again learn to love and admire our new prophet, seer, and revelator.


The Bryants said...

Beautifully Stated! He was such an amazing person.